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Beretta - Camo Waterfowl Jacket
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Beretta - Camo Waterfowl Jacket

Product Information
Designed to meet the specific needs of the Waterfowler, you won't find this fully loaded, super lightweight jacket anywhere else but at BERETTA.

Made of waterproof, breathable MAX-4® HD poly fabric with antimicrobial finish for scent removal and completely seam free.

Body warmed duck call pockets positioned against the body to protect against freezing, and gusseted zip neck closure adjustments let you put lots of layers underneath for cold weather hunting.

The jacket only Beretta could make.

Going hunting in the cold then you better pack one of these with you.

This exclusive Beretta Jacket features:

* Non skid shoulder gun rest
* Pockets flap holder tab
* Zip closure upper hand warmer pockets
* Right and left side freeze protection game call pockets
* Pocket flap with hidden snaps for non-scratch protection
* Side entry, full utility pockets with drainage grommets and flip-out cartridge loops
* Beretta exclusive design, dual temperature control neck zips
* Adjustable temperature control waist locks
* Exterior wind block cover flange
* Velcro adjustable wind cuffs
* Non-pull shape elbows
* Drop down seat (please refer to picture)
* Gusseted zip neck closure adjustments let you put on lots of layers underneath for cold weather hunting.
* Insulated with Beretta body protection layer and lined with bloodproof nylon, this is a jacket for all seasons.
* Also features matching detachable weather hat.
* Machine washable cold.
* Colour: MAX-4®HD camo.
* Available in size:  Medium and Large

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Price: $ 275.00 $ 195.00

Product Code: BR-CM-WTRFWL-JKT
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